About Us

Tracktime Asia specializes in high-end corporate entertainment events, drawing on Mark Williamsons 16 years of international experience in corporate entertainment and 20 years as a professional international racing driver.

Tracktime Asia’s format will allow your selected guests (up to 15 people per day) to experience driving a variety of race cars ranging from race built Toyota Lexus and Honda Civic sedans to open top Le Mans style race cars in the Renault Spider, to open wheeler race cars such as Formula Campus and can culminate in the ultimate Asian open wheel race cars, the Formula Renault 2000.

Tracktime Asia caters exclusively to the upper end of the corporate market. A market where most if not all corporate entertainment events are beginning to become a little stale.

Tracktime Asia’s proven successful training system will allow your guests to compress what would normally take years to learn, in to a one or two day program. We specialize in team based programs that will have every team member working and thinking like a professional race team.